IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS Preparation Course (Productive skills)


This course is divided into two modules – Speaking and Writing, which can be taken concurrently or separately depending on the individual needs/preferences of the student. It covers all types of expected question and response requirements and aims to improve the transferable skills of speaking and writing in an IELTS exam situation, which can later be applied in an academic context. Typical topic areas will be included in order to improve the standard vocabulary of the course participants, assisting the improvement of response quality. Incidental grammar will be worked on but will not be the main focus of this course.

The Speaking Module

This will focus on improving speaking skills according to the four criteria for the IELTS speaking test: Fluency & Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range & Accuracy, and Pronunciation. The students will be coached for each section of the Speaking test and given plenty of opportunity to practise answering questions in order to be sufficiently prepared to deal with the test on the day of the exam. The real-life element of learning with an experienced IELTS teacher provides the students with transferable skills so that they can deal with unusual questions and later take the skills learned into their education environment.