Chinese Course

Why Chinese is not that hard to learn.

Learning Chinese is not as difficult as you might think. Below are three points anyone considering learning Chinese would be relieved to find out: 

Chinese grammar is simple

We do not conjugage verbs in Chinese. In other words, verbs stay the same whether you are using them with singular or plural nouns / pronouns, and whatever tenses you are using. For instance, consider the verb ‘be’ in English. The many different forms of ‘be’: is, am, are, was, were, has been, have been, being, will be, etc. are all expressed by the same simple word ‘shì’ (是) in Chinese! 

Chinese nouns are simple too

No singular / plural (friend / friends), no countable / uncountable (boxes / sugar).

Chinese words are not gendered

Many languages such as Spanish or German have a challenging system of gendering their nouns, making the learning more complex as you need to learn the gender for each noun in order to change the article (la/el) or adjective – this does not exist in Chinese!

What you will learn from our Chinese course?

This beginners’ course emphasizes speaking and listening practice in Mandarin Chinese particularly for children and primary students who wish to learn Chinese as a second language. Of course we would cover the phonetic system ie. pinyin so that you can pronounce any new words you come across in the future. Our Chinese course is based on the curriculum designed by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press Company Limited which is affiliated to Beijing Foreign Studies University. We work very closely with them in order to provide excellent course materials and teaching for our students.

Books we use

Let’s learn new language together.

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Learning Chinese Taster Session

30 to 45 minutes

10.00 £