Admission Consultation

Admission consultation for International Schools in Hong Kong

International Schools in Hong Kong have a pretty long history. The reason for the establishment of different types of international schools was based on responding to the needs of foreign children and wealthy families during the colonial history of Hong Kong. There have been more than 40 international schools available for admission, in which 21 belong to English Schools Foundation (ESF). They cater the learning needs of students of different races, including but not limited to the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Students from all over the world are welcome and about 31,000 places are provided every year. Students of international schools may choose not to participate in local public examinations.

In the past, the GCSE and A-Level of the United Kingdom were widely used by many international schools in Hong Kong.

But today, the International Baccalaureate (IB) has become one of the most selected programmes among the international schools in Hong Kong. Many international schools opt to adopt the education system and curriculum of their own country. Students may also take the SAT or IB to gain admission to overseas universities. In recent years, many Hong Kong parents who have high hope of their next generation have enrolled their children to international schools, expecting them to have a higher standard of English and avoid the heavy burden of homework in local schools, leaving them more room to develop different talents and realize their potentials. It is also easier for children to adapt to the western education system when they decide to study abroad in the future.

International Education Consultancy Services Include:

  • Assessing student’s learning ability
  • Conducting overseas education consultation sessions
  • Analysing the pros and cons of different educational systems
  • Recommending suitable international schools, preparing relevant documents, advising on school bond purchase and explaining admission procedures
  • Assisting with college and employment planning
  • Providing entrance test training

UK education consultancy and application services (Senior School and Sixth Form College)

  • Recommending a dedicated approach to personal and academic profile enhancement over time
  • Recommending suitable Senior Schools and Sixth Form Colleges
  • A comprehensive overview of the UK boarding school and Sixth Form College admission process
  • Unlimited support, tailored to individual goals and circumstances
  • Expert socio-cultural advice on attending and succeeding in a UK boarding school setting

UK and Hong Kong university admission consultancy and application services

  • Recommending a suitable international qualification pathway to achieve goals and universities’s admission
  • A comprehensive overview of the universities admission process
  • Recommending a dedicated approach to personal and academic profile enhancement over time

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